No!No! Hair Removal Review

What is no!no!?

no!no! is a device designed for hair removal as an alternative to shaving, waxing, tweezing, plucking and threading. It is enabled by “Thermocon technology”, which takes heat down to the hair follicle, to not only remove the hair shaft, but also hinder future hair growth. It is usable on practically all body parts. However, it is not recommended for use around the groin area. It was created in 2004, by Radiancy Inc.: a company that also manufactures acne treatment and other beauty products.

How no!no! works

Through Thermocon technology, the gadget sends heat pulses down to the hair follicles and shocks the hair shafts. Over time, the hair shafts begin decreasing and thinning out, eventually decelerating hair growth.

The company claims that the process is safe, pain free and produces semi-permanent results (permanent hair removal is impossible). They also say that the burning smell produced while using the gadget is normal.

Additionally, they advise that after treatment, a buffer should be used over the skin to get rid of charred hair for a smooth skin. 

The no!no! comes in several varieties namely:

  1. a) no!no! Classic, a simple device that has only one level treatment.
  2. b) no!no! Plus, with two treatment levels, and comes in a variety of different colors.
  3. c) no!no! Micro, which is great for use around the face, rechargeable, sleek and a perfect fit for your purse.
  4. d) no!no! Pro is the latest, and most expensive version of the no!no! series. It is super energized to remove hair faster than the rest, and has five treatment levels.

 The no!no! internet offer.

Go on over to no!no! website on, for a risk-free offer that guarantees a full refund if: after using no!no! for a minimum of 45 days and a maximum of 60 days - you’re not satisfied with the results.

The manufacturing company also offers to send a completely new gadget if there are any manufacturer-related issues within the warranty period. You can also order the no!no! Skin for acne, along with the no!no! Pro to get you a discounted price. No!no! Skin heals pimples in 24 hours using a process known as phototherapy.

Additional offers include: free shipping, two year warranty and a $50 gift card.


Compared with professional waxing and laser treatment, the NoNo Hair Removal device saves you money in the long run. However, instant results are not guaranteed, as significant change happens over long-term use.